organic cotton tampons

Delivered to your door, and to women going without.

the necesse. story

Necesse (pronounced ne-sess) are thinking outside the box when it comes to periods. We want you to be able to put buying tampons on auto pilot, and never worry about running out ever again.

Our tampons are 100% organic cotton, which means no synthetic fibres, chemicals and pesticides. Organic cotton is also biodegradable (as opposed to synthetic tampons), so they will breakdown at the end of their lifecycle.

And... We haven't even got to the best part. We've partnered with Aviva - formerly the Christchurch Women's Refuge - so with every order at your door, we donate a box of tampons to women struggling to afford these necessities each month.


Love the concept, love the design, love the feel. Keep doing what you do - it's wonderful!


My first order arrived on the day my period started!