Conversations with Charlie Jackson

Tell us about your work and Charlie Rose Creative?

Charlie Rose Creative is my platform for photographic work; it covers my broad range of interests from food, people, products, to fashion and events.

When did you find your passion for photography?

I remember photographing things when I was young with any camera I could get my hands on (usually Mum’s), and I took photography as a class at high school as soon as it was available. I preferred this to general art class; I’ve never been much of a painter! After high school I studied a BFA in Photography at UC, and I realised how much a love the medium and it’s infinite possibilities.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I think it depends on the type of work as to where I draw inspiration from, but it varies a fair amount. I’m a big fan of visiting exhibitions, looking at books and finding out about other creatives, not just photographers. I think the more diverse your resources of inspiration are, the more creative you can be. I’ve been known to listen to a song, go into a daydream, and create a photoshoot out of that… It comes from anywhere!

How have things grown since you launched Charlie Rose Creative?

One of the biggest examples of growth is with one of my first clients - Northlands Shopping Centre. My first commercial invoice was to them for Christmas of 2015, shooting the in-centre promotions they had going on for the season - this simply meant documenting the centre and the things happening in it. The past 6 months with Northlands have seen us borrowing product from retailers, taking it off site to shoot in flatlays that then gets published in magazines as themed promotional content.


I’m still a one woman band, but I’m proud to say the quality of my work and my relationships with clients has grown immensely.

Your work has recently been shown at CoCA - tell us about your exhibition ‘queries’?

My exhibition circled back to my Fine Arts background, following my personal work and exploration of fine art photography. Queries is about revisiting; looking again - I was experimenting with the medium, my relationship with it and how it can be used to express experiences and emotions. I plan on continuing the ‘queries’ work in 2019 with new installments to the photo-zines, which is a really fun way of displaying the work.

You’ve worked with a number of social enterprise (including Necesse!) to help create beautiful product photos and make them stand out from the crowd - how do you work with clients to bring their brands to life?

I like to talk with clients to get a good understanding of who they are; their purpose, their values and their vision. From there I want to create a set of visual parameters, whether it be colour, texture, theme…. Basically whatever it takes to give the imagery consistency and strength when it’s placed into the wider world. Sometimes there’s a specific purpose and brief, others they like to simply give me free reign and see what I produce!

What has been your greatest achievement with your art / business so far?

My exhibition ‘queries’ was a big one for me, as mentioned above. On the commercial side it’s 2018 as a year; I moved into my own studio space, was published on the cover of magazines, I taught workshops and secured new clients. Each of those things were achievements for me, and all just as important as each other.

What has been your biggest learning curve?

There have been a number of learning curves along the way!! One of the (now) comical learning curves that comes to mind was a particular shoot we did for a fashion spread in a magazine. It involved 9 children under the age of 10 with borrowed camera and lighting gear, brand new product from retailers, located in an old welders workshop which hadn’t been cleaned yet… Lots. Of. Learning.

What are your goals / plans for 2019?

This year I’m planning to work with new brands, create new photo-zines for my work ‘queries’, complete new personal projects and get more work published… to name a few things! The dreams don’t stop!

Where can people find out more about you and your work?

I share a selection of daily experiences, things I love and my work on my Instagram @charlierosecreative, otherwise I have work on my website and even a shop where you can purchase zines and prints. I’m also contactable on my email, and always happy to meet new people!