Why Organic


We buy natural and organic food, organic cotton clothing and organic skin care, so why not organic tampons?

JYour sensitive bits are one of the most absorbent parts of your body and the use of herbicides, pesticides, chlorine and fragrances in the production of synthetic tampons has a negative impact on our environment. This is why we made it our mission to source tampons made from organic cotton produced by a reliable and industry leading supplier in Europe.

JHere at Necesse we believe in transparency, so we will never hide the components of our tampons. Necesse tampons use only organically grown cotton. While the appearance of organic vs synthetic tampons is identical, there are significant differences in the production processes of each, which many consumers are simply not aware of. Some tampon brands use rayon, viscose or wood pulp (a tree by-product). This gives the appearance of cotton but requires the use of harsh chemicals and heavy processing in order to turn it into the synthetic fibres used in the tampons.

Necesse tampons are made from 100% cotton, so all fibres are natural.

Our tampons are free from perfumes, rayon, viscose, wood pulp and chlorine.

Organic cotton is naturally absorbent and hypoallergenic so may reduce skin irritation and feel more comfortable, which we think is great news!

It keeps getting better however! The cotton in our tampons is sourced from organic farms whose production has a low impact on the environment. Using only organically grown cotton means our tampons are made from naturally occurring fibres (without the use of herbicides and pesticides in farming) - they can decompose faster than their synthetic counterparts, reducing your footprint on the earth. All our packaging is also recyclable, with the hygienic plastic wrapper being the only necessary plastics used (and can be recycled with your soft plastics).