Necesse Organic Cotton Tampons - Mixed Absorbency

Necesse Organic Cotton Tampons - Mixed Absorbency

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16 Necesse organic cotton tampons, with eight regular and eight super tampons included in the delivery.

Suitable for regular to heavy flows.

You know you best, so you get the choice of:

- The quantity of tampons you want (one order is 16 tampons)

- The frequency of your subscription (every 1 or 2 months)


Necesse tampons are made using only organic cotton, so when it comes to your time of the month you know you're doing your part for your body, the environment, and also other women too.

For every order you receive at your door, we donate a box worth of tampons to our charity partner Aviva (Christchurch Women's Refuge).


Ingredients: 100% organic cotton.

Made in Europe, packaged in New Zealand.